Bayview Hospital

Bayview says farewell to Lynda Lewis …

It was with a great sense of sadness that we at Bayview officially announced our long-serving Assistant Administrator Lynda Lewis’ retirement, as of December 31 last year. Since 1986, Lynda has played a vital role in the development of Bayview Hospital – that’s over 30 years of dedicated employment.
Speaking at Lynda’s retirement function, Bayview Chairman Peter Harris commended Lynda on her enduring commitment to the Hospital. “The US Bureau of Labour reports that the median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.2 years in January 2016 … therefore, this type of dedication by Lynda deserves special acknowledgment,” he said.
Harris continued, “Lynda has seen Bayview go through many changes, including the recent acquisition which has led to my involvement with the Hospital. I am especially grateful to her for continuing her service to Bayview which along with Mrs. Edwards and the management team, helped to ensure that we had a smooth transition of ownership.”
When her colleagues were asked for words to describe Lynda, the common theme was a picture of a woman who is supportive, dependable, honest and straight-talking; a great and practical problem solver and advice-giver, and someone who is always available to roll up her sleeves to get the job done.
Several of these colleagues paid tribute to Lynda at her retirement function. One of which was Mr Edghill, one of the founders of Bayview Hospital, as well as a former Board member and former Chairman. “Lynda’s contribution in maintaining the original eight bed Diagnostic Clinic was so good that it gave us the comfort to proceed to develop it into the Bayview Hospital,” he said.
Retired Nurse Aide Miriam Rouse also wrote Lynda some special words in the form of a poem, which she read out in front of the Bayview staff members and friends who had gathered to wish Mrs Lewis well. “It’s time for your retirement, your time for feeling free. You have worked so very hard to make this dream come true, and no one else deserves this time any more than you. You have had some rough times but you have made it through it all, you have made the best of what life brings and today you are standing tall. Your journey lasted over 31 years, now get ready for some cheers!” read Rouse.

Dr Charles Edwards additionally emphasised the importance of the longevity of Mrs Lewis’ commitment to Bayview Hospital. “I don’t think there is anyone in this institution with as much ‘institutional memory’ as Lynda. Mrs Lewis will be sorely missed here at Bayview,” he said.
Bayview Hospital Administrator Winifred Edwards echoed these sentiments. “Having been here from inception, Lynda has a vast institutional knowledge of Bayview which has been very useful to decision makers who are more recent additions to the Hospital. On a personal note, she was very welcoming on my arrival at Bayview and has been extremely helpful and supportive, not only to me but to staff generally. She will be sorely missed,” she said.
Mrs Lewis in turn thanked the Hospital Board and her colleagues for their help and support over the years. “Bayview has been my family. You were all there and I could count on your help when I needed it the most. We started this Hospital and we learnt by work. We are still learning and Bayview will still go forward. And, we are poised to go even further with the new owners,” she said. “I want you all to remember that no machine or fancy business will ever replace human kindness, empathy, care, consideration or respect for others. Never forget to keep that caring nature that Bayview has been known for over the years.”
During her time at Bayview Hospital, Lynda has assisted in the leadership of Bayview’s administrative and nursing teams, as well as oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Hospital. She also sat on our Infection Control Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and the now dormant Theatre Users’ Committee. In addition, she served on the Friends of Bayview group, which has made several donations to the Hospital over the years. She also started the Bayview Facebook page and continues to contribute some of the most liked posts on the page. Personally, Lynda also formed the ‘Little Pink Gift’ charitable organisation that helps breast cancer patients and family members with financial support and counseling.
Lynda’s colleagues unanimously agree her friendly attitude will be very much missed at Bayview, and her enthusiastic and caring community spirit fondly remembered.
Mrs Lewis will continue with the Hospital in her new role as a consultant to help develop the protocol and work on the implementation of the ICU Unit that the Hospital hopes to have in place in the first half of 2017.
The Bayview family wishes Lynda a very happy retirement and every success in her future endeavors.