Bayview Hospital

Julie Reid

Hospital Administrator

The Hospital Administrator is Mrs. Julie Reid, she was appointed to this position in March 2017. Jules Reid is a Registered Nurse who brings to Bayview over 23 years of international healthcare experience in the areas of Nursing, Counselling and Management.

Major Marilyn Patrick

Assistant Hospital Administrator

The Assistant Hospital Administrator is Major Marilyn Patrick, she is a Registered Nurse Midwife who has served in the Barbados Defence Force for 25 years, receiving her military training at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst and the Canadian Staff College, Kingston, Canada.

Patricia McAllister

Risk Manager

Bayview Hospital Risk Management Patricia

Patricia McAllister is a career registered nurse with 15 years’ military service with the Barbados Defence Force (BDF). McAllister holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Health. She also holds a certification in the areas of Dental, Occupational Safety, and Health and Food Safety. McAllister’s managed the BDF’s Dental Unit and the operation of the Hyperbaric Chamber. 

Board Members

  • Mr. Peter V. Harris (Businessman)
  • Mrs. Tammy Bryan (Attorney-at-Law)
  • Dr. Kwame Connell (Doctor)
  • Mr. Victor Fernandes (Broadcaster)
  • Dr. Ranita Jhagroo – (Medical Chief of Staff)
  • Mr. Grafton Williams (Business Executive)