Bayview Hospital

A view of Bayview Hospital's outside damn


Bayview Hospital (2014) Ltd is a privately owned medical facility dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare using state of the art equipment and facilities, with a team of experienced medical professionals.

Located in St. Paul’s Avenue, Bayville, St. Michael, Bayview Hospital has been recognized as one of the leading private hospitals in the region since 1989. Since our re-branding in 2014 we have made several upgrades, renovations and refurbishments to the hospital including the introduction of a two bed, level two Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Family Suite.

At Bayview Hospital our focus is centered on the care of our patients, this ensures that they are provided with the very best treatment and recovery protocols. With our unparalleled standard of patient services, including our 24 hour on-call support provided by our senior house officers, we aim to offer the best for the patients.