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Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #1 

Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #1 

Bayview Hospital maternity feature
Chantal Frederick with her husband and baby daughter 

“We liked that my husband would have unrestricted access to both myself and the baby after the delivery. This was one of the deciding factors for us to use Bayview’s maternity services.”


Bayview Hospital:               “What year did you give birth at Bayview?”

Chantal:                         “2017. I had a wonderful pregnancy but once I went into labour, Dr. Archer (Ob/Gyn) had concerns about my baby being distressed. We decided on an emergency c-section as the best option under the circumstances. I could not have asked for better care than what I received at Bayview Hospital.”


Bayview Hospital:               “How was the level of post-delivery support?”

Chantal:                          After my delivery, my doctor visited me every day. The nurses also visited regularly to give  me my medication, check my vitals and help me with anything I needed. The nurses also helped me when I started to breastfeed. They taught me how to care for the umbilical cord, and showed me how to bathe my baby. The post-delivery support at Bayview is excellent.”


Chantal Frederick Maternity Feature

Chantal’s ‘Bayview Baby’ resting quietly


Bayview Hospital:                 “How was your overall Bayview maternity experience?”

Chantal:                       “I had a great experience. Bayview Hospital respected my birth preferences and Dr.Jhagroo  (Paediatrician) was very thorough with the care of our daughter. She clearly communicated any tests she was undertaking, as well as her rationale. The Bayview nurses were also very warm and professional. I was even visited daily by the Hospital Administrator. She made sure I was comfortable.  I received excellent care throughout my  entire pregnancy including the antenatal care, care during labour, delivery and after-care; with my Ob/Gyn, Paediatrician and the entire Bayview Hospital team.”


Chantal Frederick's baby daughter

Chantal’s  ‘Bayview Baby’


Bayview Hospital:      “What is the best thing about Bayview Hospital’s maternity                                                                 service?”

Chantal:                    “Bayview Hospital really becomes a ‘home away from home’ and the staff goes out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. They understand birthing is a personal experience. I was able to walk around and sit as much as I wanted in the birth room. You can take whatever you need into the delivery    room to make you feel comfortable – snacks, drinks, exercise ball, and even music! I was also allowed to have a doula present, which is a great added comfort, and even though I ended up having a c-section, my husband was still able to be by my side during the delivery. The rooms are very comfortable with nice views in a convenient location. The food is also great! The kitchen manager visited me every day to find out what I wanted to eat!”


We at Bayview Hospital pride ourselves on the successful delivery of over 5000 ‘Bayview babies’ in our 30 years of operation in Barbados, and with our new lower maternity deposit prices it’s now easier for your little one to make their grand entrance into the world at Bayview Hospital.

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