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Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #3

Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #3

Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #3

Gina and her husband with their Bayview Babies.

“It was the comfort and attentive care that saw me deliver all three of my children at Bayview. I would absolutely recommend Bayview Hospital’s maternity services and would make the same choice over again.”


Bayview Hospital:         “What years did you give birth at Bayview?”

Gina:                            “2008, 2013, 2014. During my first pregnancy, my water broke early. The Bayview medical staff quickly acted to prolong my labour, so that my son could enter the world safely and healthily. During this emotional time, it was so reassuring to have the entire Bayview team there with me every step of the way.”


Gina Corbin with Incubator

Gina with baby Troy


Bayview Hospital:         “How was the care for you and your baby?”

 Gina:                            “The care for both mother and baby is excellent at Bayview.  My firstborn needed to be incubated and I had 100% faith that he was in good hands Dr. Jhagroo (Paediatrician) walked us through all test she conducted and made sure to inform us. I don’t think she slept that week, she was literally always there taking care of Troy. I felt like our son was a priority at Bayview, which is how every parent should feel!”


Bayview Hospital:        “How was the level of post-delivery support?”

Gina:                             “It’s very caring and calming. The Bayview staff understand that a mother wants to be close to her baby post-delivery. They made sure my second and third babies were with me after they were born. Despite being in an incubator, my premature firstborn was never far away from me. Dr. Scholar Shepherd (Ob/Gyn) visited me everyday, and the nurses would regularly ask if I needed assistance.  It’s a loving and supportive environment, it’s almost like you’re being shown how to care for your baby by an old school nurturing Bajan mother!”


Gina Corbin by the incubator.

Gina bonding with baby Troy


Bayview Hospital:           “What is the ‘Bayview difference’?

Gina:                               “Bayview has a special touch of really knowing what you need as a new mother. They know family support is especially important – I was able to have my husband and mother with me with every delivery, and with my third, my sister and father were present as well. It’s also the staff at Bayview that makes a difference – the nurses, midwives, Paediatrician, Doctor and even the gentleman that delivered the meals was pleasant and cheerful! When you give birth, you want your surroundings to be clean and comfortable, your food to be healthy, and staff to be caring and competent; Bayview just ticks all those boxes for me! As a maternity patient at Bayview, you are treated with the upmost love and kindness.”


A photo of Gina Corbin's children

Gina’s Bayview Babies


We at Bayview Hospital pride ourselves on the successful delivery of over 5000 ‘Bayview babies’ in our 30 years of operation in Barbados, and with our new lower maternity deposit prices it’s now easier for your little one to make their grand entrance into the world at Bayview Hospital.


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