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Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #2

Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #2



Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #2

Gabrielle with her husband and family.

I knew I would get better service and care at Bayview Hospital, and it was an easy decision to go back with my second baby. Despite my complications there was no need to transfer me to another hospital. Everything was handled in-house.


Bayview Hospital:         “What years did you give birth at Bayview?”

Gabrielle:                 “2014 and 2017; with my firstborn. I was rushed into an emergency c-section, the Bayview nurses were right there holding my hand and keeping me calm, as I was being prepared for the procedure. My daughter needed assistance after she was born. Dr. Jhagroo (Paediatrician) immediately worked on her, and put her straight into an incubator. The Hospital allowed by husband to stay with me the whole time. After I had been given the all clear to be discharged, I was allowed to stay with my daughter until she was ready to come home.”


A picture of Scarlett and Blake

Blake (L) and Scarlett (R)

Bayview Hospital:     “How was the care for you and your baby?”

Gabrielle:            “You can’t get better care than at Bayview Hospital – both Dr. Scholar Shepherd (Ob/Gyn) and the nurses treated my baby like it was their own and that always makes a mum feel great. They were so patient and helpful – the level of support and care for both of us was perfect! Dr. Jhagroo even came back a couple of hours after leaving the Hospital, saying she had closed her private clinic so she could monitor my baby. I was touched by their empathy; and I really felt like we were top priority.”


Bayview Hospital:   “How would you describe Bayview’s maternity care?”

Gabrielle:              “The nursing staff are very friendly, caring and helpful, and you always feel right at home at Bayview. They encouraged me to breastfeed and showed me how to get the babies to latch on; the nurse even gave me her phone number to call if I had any questions or concerns. The equipment is clean and in good condition, and the rooms are comfortable, which makes a real difference. I believe that the fast action by all involved at Bayview ensured that my premature daughter is alive today. The staff at Bayview did everything they could to make sure our she left the Hospital healthy.”


Gabriella Stoute with Scarlett
 Gina with baby Blake

Bayview Hospital:          “Best thing about Bayview Hospital’s maternity service?”

Gabriella:                  “The Bayview nursing staff are the best! They went out of their way to address my concerns, and they are very calm and comforting. Bayview Hospital’s care is personalised; and one of the nurses that was present during my firstborn, organised to help with my second child! My family and friends were able to visit regularly. This made me feel more comfortable. The maternity treatment and care at Bayview Hospital is fantastic; and it’s the only place I would go!”


Gabriella Stoute's baby Blake

Baby Blake taking a nap


We at Bayview Hospital pride ourselves on the successful delivery of over 5000 ‘Bayview babies’ in our 30 years of operation in Barbados, and with our new lower maternity deposit prices it’s now easier for your little one to make their grand entrance into the world at Bayview Hospital.


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