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Affordable Healthcare for All

Affordable Healthcare for All

Bayview Hospital is making the quality healthcare we offer, accessible to everyone.  We understand the economic climate is challenging and have put a variety of financing options in place to make meeting the healthcare needs of our patients affordable.

Individuals who are having an elective surgery or require maternity services and have time to plan ahead can come to Bayview to see what their best options are. For patients who have health insurance, we will contact the insurance provider to ensure that they are clear about what their obligations will be. 


Bayview Affordable Healthcare


If you don’t have health insurance our admissions officer Andrea Graham will sit with you and go through the payment plans we offer so you can select one that works best for you.

An example of one such plan is to pay 30% of the estimated cost of the procedure and then pay off the balance monthly for 10 months.  A payment plan for those who have insurance and are paying the deductible can also be arranged. Payments can either be invoiced monthly or be done electronically via credit card as well.


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We are sensitive to the fact that health issues will arise that require urgent admission and therefore planning ahead is not possible.  In such a case, while a deposit is required, a payment plan can be put in place after. We have also changed our policy of requiring 100% of the deposit and now will accept 50% of the estimated cost.  Those costs cover the operating theatre, room and board, medical supplies and medication.

At Bayview we are committed to making your healthcare needs affordable while providing excellent care, with state of the art equipment and a team of highly trained professionals.


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