Bayview Hospital



Here at Bayview Hospital, we not only cater to surgical patients we also cater to patients who require medical treatment as well. Registered Nurses, Midwives and Nursing Assistants are available to the patients admitted to the hospital affording them the medical assistance needed to treat and recover from their medical condition whilst working alongside the admitting doctor.

Maternity Unit

A baby is a precious gift. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Since the establishment of Bayview Hospital, we have had the honour of hosting the deliveries of over 5000 babies. Our Maternity Unit is headlined by our highly experienced and highly trained midwives, who provide a source of support during an exciting yet challenging time for the expectant mothers and their loved ones. The Maternity Unit comprises of two labour rooms, one private labour suite and the other a two bed semi-private labour room.

We offer the lowest rates on the island for maternity patients and tours of the Maternity Unity can be scheduled on Fridays of each week with one of our hospital midwives.

Lamaze Classes

Maternity patients also have the opportunity to benefit from our antenatal Lamaze classes which are conducted on premises by our trained midwives. These classes are designed to educate the expectant mothers regarding tips and techniques to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy. You can contact the hospital and speak to one of our midwives for more information on the classes.