Bayview Hospital

Message From the Board of Bayview Hospital

Message From the Board of Bayview Hospital

“A Vision of Quality Care”

The facility that is Bayview Hospital (2014) Ltd today, birthed from a vision 25 years ago for a private hospital that could fill the void left by the state-owned institution for private primary and secondary healthcare.
Bayview has met and exceeded all its original goals; there are now about 50 admitting doctors in 13 specialties. On average there are about 10 to 30 deliveries every year at the Hospital with over 5000 babies having been delivered, during the period it has been in existence. Our technologies have also evolved keeping up with international trends in new minimal invasive procedures such as laparoscopic surgery.
The Hospital has an indelible record for quality patient care and pristine highly hygienic accommodations. The new Board of Bayview Hospital intends to build on the solid foundation established by the founders of the institution. Going forward our service levels will continue to be a priority, and we intend to achieve this through continuous staff training and development.
Some major improvements to the existing facility which will transform it into a modern, healthcare institution are on the horizon. These will include a dedicated ambulance service, expanded urgent care and Diagnostics facilities.
There are a number of strategic developments drafted in the new Bayview Hospital Master Plan, which among other innovations will see a major increase in our occupancy capacity. Upon approval from the relevant authorities, the following phases of development will commence:
Phase 1: The New Building
Phase 2: Demolition and Revised Traffic Management Plan
Phase 3: Renovation and Upgrading of Existing Hospital
All expansion and any infrastructural work for the hospital will be done with minimal disruptions, and the hospital will remain open during all the upgrades.
Bayview Hospital has accomplished many milestones, and there are a number of major ones still ahead. The Board wishes to recognize the untiring contributions made by the staff at all levels and management, which has brought us this far. We also extend thanks and our gratitude to the medical doctors on whose competence the reputation of the Hospital is built, and to our patients, the friends of Bayview, suppliers and the community in which we operate.

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