Watch: Inspirational Double Knee Surgery with Karen Meakins

Watch: Inspirational Double Knee Surgery with Karen Meakins

Karen Bayview Hospital Squash Final_Moment 4

Karen being prepped for her double knee surgery 


Bayview Hospital:      “Why did you decide to choose Bayview Hospital?”

Karen:                    “The main reason I chose Bayview Hospital was because of its excellent reputation. The staff was great, they explained everything to me from the initial day that I went in to fill out all the forms.  Another reason is it has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) so had anything gone wrong, not that it did…or would have (Laughs), it’s good to know that there is that backup there.”


Bayview Hospital:           “How would you describe the staff at Bayview Hospital?”

Karen:                     “Always very, very friendly the staff at Bayview I find, everything was explained by the anesthetist and my surgeon Dr. Nancoo. I was extremely lucky to have a surgeon like Dr. Nancoo in Barbados, who really is a fabulous surgeon and [to] also to have a facility like Bayview.”



Karen Meakins Interview with Bayview Hospital

Karen Meakins playing a set of Squash


Bayview Hospital:         “What were your thoughts leading up to your surgery?”

Karen:                      “As an athlete, it was paramount that the surgery be successful. I play squash for Barbados; I also coach squash so for me it was to minimize my time off of the court. Dr. Nancoo like I said before is really great, she was always there at the end of a phone or a whatsapp [message] if I had any questions or concerns so that [was] really good. It always puts your mind at rest you know, if you know that somebody’s there.”



Karen Meakins Bayview Interview

Karen Meakins practicing at the Barbados Squash Club


Bayview Hospital:           “How have you been physically since the double knee surgery?” 

Karen:                       “Honestly I wouldn’t have known that I had knee surgery, double knee surgery a year ago because I am moving on court just as well as I was before and I’ve had absolutely no problems since the surgery so that’s a very very positive outcome for me!”


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