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Bayview’s Community Outreach Continues – Bayview Lends a Helping Hand (YMPC)

Bayview’s Community Outreach Continues – Bayview Lends a Helping Hand (YMPC)

Bayview Hospital has again reached out to our neighbours with a helping hand. This time in the form of an innovative new partnership with the  Young Men’s Progressive Club (YMPC). The club, which is now called ‘The Bayview Hospital YMPC’, had not been sponsored for five years. So it has definitely come just at the right time!


Bayview YMPC Presentation

Pictured left to right: Mrs Julie Reid (BVH Hospital Administrator), Mr Shane Dorwich (West Indies Cricketer), Mrs June Beckles (BVH Accounts Payables) and Mr Calvin Watson (YMPC President).


Bayview Hospital will be happily providing financial aid to the YMPC. Bayview is very active in the development of local youth through sports. The funds will assist them with the maintenance of their cricket pitch, clubhouse and surrounding grounds, gear for the cricketers, refurbishment of the car park, and other expenses.


Bayview Hospital - YMPC

West Indies Cricketer Shane Dowrich (L) with YMPC committee member Mr Renato Sealy (R), showing off the new Bayview Hospital YMPC shirts.


The initiative has been described by Bayview’s Hospital Administrator Jules Reid as “a wonderful example of community spirit by both parties. Our partnership with YMPC really is just that; a partnership. Often our patients who overlook the YMPC pitch will watch the children play cricket – it makes for a lovely distraction for them,” she said. “Bayview Hospital is very supportive of our nation’s youth and their development through sport. We are pleased to be able to assist the YMPC and to partner with our community to achieve positive social outcomes”.


Bayview Hospital witj Mrs Reid, Mr. Dowrich and the YMPC President

West Indies Cricketer Shane Dowrich, wearing the newly branded “Bayview Hospital YMPC” shirt, shaking hands with the Hospital Administrator, Mrs Julie Reid, accompanied by Mr Calvin Watson, president of the YMPC.


Shane Dowrich also expressed his gratitude to Bayview Hospital. He said the partnership will assist to guide young cricketers at the club to higher heights. “This sponsorship will really help us to finance our junior programme which helps us going forward,” he said.


Bayview Hospital - YMPC

Pictured from left to right: Mrs Julie Reid (BVH Administrator), Mr Calvin Watson (President of the YMPC),  Mrs Rita Hall (BVH Deputy Ward Nurse Supervisor), Mr Shane Dowrich (West Indies Cricketer), Mr Renato Sealy (YMPC Committee Member),  Mr Sean Myers (BVH Pharmacist).


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