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Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #4

Bayview Hospital Maternity Feature #4

Lisa Cumberbatch with Eden and Ellen

Lisa with ‘Bayview Babies’ Ella Grace (L) and Eden Rose (R)

I would like to thank my doctors, nurses and everyone at Bayview who helped to make my delivery such a wonderful experience. I would absolutely recommend Bayview Hospital’s maternity services!”


Bayview Hospital:         “How was your time at Bayview Hospital?”

Lisa:                             “I delivered Bayview’s first twins for 2018 and had full confidence in both the Bayview team and their facilities. I was scheduled to have a c-section at 38 weeks, but at 35 weeks my blood pressure was elevated. I was subsequently admitted to Bayview Hospital early. I was embraced by the most warm, loving and attentive staff. I was surprised at how fast my recovery was.  I was walking around by the next day!”


Lisa Cumberbatch

Bayview Hospital:   “Were you comfortable during the delivery?”

Lisa:                         “I had a wonderful delivery. I was nervous, I expected a lot of pain with a c-section, but the entire experience was quite pleasant at Bayview. The Hospital ensured Dr. Cave (Paediatrician) was present during and after the delivery. The nurses were supportive throughout. My husband was also allowed in the operating room to watch the delivery, cut the babies’ umbilical cords, and he video recorded their first moments. Bayview Hospital offers a high level of comfort, which made my delivery experience so great.”


Bayview Hospital Lisa Cumberbatch

‘Bayview Baby’ Ella Grace


Bayview Hospital:         “How can you describe Bayview’s maternity care?”

Lisa:                            “Bayview Hospital is well equipped for handling twin deliveries as well as maternity care. I was instantly at ease to find the operating room full of medical staff who knew their roles and were professional the entire time. After the delivery, Dr. Best (Ob/Gyn) visited me every day and closely monitored my condition. I also really connected with the nursing staff – they make you feel right at home and are warm and caring. They did not hesitate to come in and help me feed my daughters at any hour, whenever I needed help. By the end of my stay, I could honestly call most of the Bayview staff my friends!”


‘Bayview Baby’ Eden Rose


Bayview Hospital:           “What is the ‘Bayview difference’?”

Lisa:                     “The staff at Bayview understand what new mothers need, and their personalised care and attention makes a difference.  After the birth of my twin babies, the nurses brought them to me, so I could kiss them. As soon as I got to my room, I was able to bond with them. They helped me with breastfeeding techniques and showed both my husband and I how to bathe and generally care for new borns. My large family was able to visit us freely, and that made a real difference. I felt comfortable at Bayview – we even joked it was like my hotel room! My room had a WiFi connection, TV, a reclining bed and a very modern bathroom. The food was surprisingly delicious, and not what you’d expect from a hospital at all!”


Lisa Cumberbatch with her family

Lisa Cumberbatch with her husband and family


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